Moving Protection

Protecting your belongings is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why our Full-Value Protection is included upfront with every estimate, and is a hallmark of the services we provide.

Full-Value Protection

Full-Value Protection is a plan to protect you if the unexpected happens to your personal items during your move. We calculate this protection using a simple formula, and combine it with your High Value Inventory.

How It Works:

  1. Calculate the full amount of your protection

The standard amount is calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of your shipment by $6 per pound, and it’s included upfront with every estimate.

  1. Complete your High Value Inventory Form

Items valued at $100 or more per pound like artwork, high-end furniture, designer clothes, antiques and collectibles must be noted on the High Value Inventory Form. If such items are not included on this form, it could impact any later claim settlement.

  1. Confirm your protection choice

You can increase your valuation amount at any time, all the way up to when we begin loading your shipment. Make sure to note any new damage or loss at the time of delivery.

Protection Add-Ons

Your time, your budget and your belongings are important factors in planning your move. These additional options can help you protect all three:

Increased Full-Value Protection

Increase the amount of your Full-Value Protection (FVP) simply and affordably, for $5.50 per extra $1,000 FVP.

Gold Standard Protection®

Add protection for damages related to pairs and sets, mechanical malfunction and acts of God.

Additional Delay Payment

Receive an increased rate of $250 per day if your delivery is delayed past the date on your paperwork.

Identity Theft Protection

Add a year of identity theft protection with a platinum membership plan offered through SOLUS Identity Theft Protection.

Claim Assist

Get on-site help completing any claim forms and have your claim fast tracked with priority status.

Increased Destination Waiting Time

If we are ready to deliver your belongings as scheduled, and you aren’t ready, we’ll extend our included wait time up to four hours.

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